Force users to use the Unified Interface

Force users to use the Unified Interface

You can’t have missed it. All Dynamics applications that are based on the PowerPlatform will be using the same interface: the Unified Interface. Microsoft has announced deprecation of the the ‘old’ web client (see this article for more information), so there’s no way back. On October 1, 2020, the legacy web client will no longer be available.

Have you already migrated all your users to the Unified Interface? GOOD! I guess you probably face the same problem as I do than. When users log on, they are still routed to the legacy web client! They keep on working in this new client instead of the new… As of October 2019 we’re able to force users to use the Unified Interface (whoop whoop!).

How to activate this force?

First, login to your Dynamics 365 CE environment and open the PowerPlatform Admin Center. Now go to the environments tab and select the environment where you want to activate the force. Go to Settings > Behavior > Interface settings and then turn on Use Unified Interface only.

Frequently Asked Questions about this change

Is there any downtime while applying this change?

No, this change applies immediately, upon reloading the page. If it doesn’t, clear cache and retry.

I want to use Unified Interface for all the apps, but still want Dynamics 365 – custom to open in the legacy web client. Is that possible?

You can achieve this by setting all apps to be Unified Interface apps. Note that this won’t change the home page experience to Unified Interface. Unified Interface Only mode is a prerequisite to get the new home page experience.

What app will be opened when the force is activated?

When the user has access to only one app, they will be routed to that app without any problems. When they have access to multiple apps, they will be routed to and will have to choose on of the apps.

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