Please give us the Outlook Add-In in PowerApps

Please give us the Outlook Add-In in PowerApps

UPDATE: Ok, in the meantime a couple of people showed me the feature. Apparently it’s available after all! I was looking for server-side sync as I always thought the Outlook Add-In only works with server-side sync. However, it turns out the Outlook Add-In works without server-side sync and is available in CDS. Here’s the link:

As a Dynamics 365 Solution Architect, I’ve done a ton of xRM projects. Using the good-old Dynamics CRM platform as a app-builder instead of using the Sales and Customer Service functionality in there. So you probably can’t imagine my enthusiasm when Microsoft brought us the PowerPlatform. It’s basically what I needed: a flexible platform to build business applications without Sales or Customer Service functionality. Thank you Microsoft! 🙂

Now that I’ve done the first couple of projects on the new PowerPlatform I’m totally happy. However, there is one feature from the Dynamics 365 platform that I really miss in almost every PowerApp: Server-Side Synchronization with the Outlook Add-In.

The ability to track e-mail is an ability that is needed in a lot of business scenario’s. Not only in Sales and Customer Service scenario’s. Currently it’s only available with the Sales and Customer Service apps. I encourage Microsoft to make it available in all PowerApp scenario’s. Please, Microsoft, give us the Outlook Add-In in PowerApps!

The loophole for now

So if you ran into the same issue and you’re looking for a solution to use the Outlook Add-In in a PowerApp, here’s what I do. For those users who need an Outlook Add-In, I provide them with an additional Team Member license on top of the PowerApp license. Please make sure to create a Dynamics 365 environment instead of a regular CDS environment. The regular CDS environment won’t contain the proper entities to use Server-Side Synchronization.

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    1. You’re right! But it’s not available with a PowerApps license or a default CDS environment. It’s only available with a CDS that is created as a Dynamics 365 environment.

      I want it with a PowerApps license at a standard CDS environment.

    2. Shit, I think you’re right…. I was looking for server-side sync and I couldn’t find it. But this feature is somehow available without server-side sync! I’ll change the post 🙂

  1. Hey Marc,

    Are you sure now that you can use the OutlookApp without a Dynamics 365 environment? When I try to add the OutlookApp to a purely PowerApps environment, I am getting an error that a Dynamics 365 organization cannot be found. With the new licensing model I also have a strong feeling that a customer than always needs to have at least 1 Sales Professional license to use the OutlookApp for user who are on a PowerApps license without any Dynamics 365 licenses, what do you think?

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