Activation Failed status on Data Export Profile

Activation Failed status on Data Export Profile

I’ve setup the Dynamics 365 Data Export Service numerous of times and I’ve made a lot of companies happy with this service. Having your Dynamics 365 CE data in a separate database has advantages for reporting, but also for data quality checks.

In my current project, we’ve done a data migration from a previous custom application to Dynamics 365 CE. This customer had a huge amount of data and we ended up with a Dynamics 365 CE database of 150 GB of data. After the migration we wanted to do some checks if all data had been migrated correctly. We used the Data Export Service to make that possible.

When we created the Data Export Profile we simply checked the ‘Select all’ option, since we wanted to do quality checks on ‘all’ data in the database.

Unfortunately, we got an error immediately when we finished the wizard!

After some digging, we found the issue. There are some entities in Dynamics 365 CE that are available for selection in the entity list (since they are track change enabled) but seem to break the Data Export Profile. The entities I found so far are:

  • mobileofflineprofile
  • mobileofflineprofileitem
  • mobileofflineprofileitemassociation
  • offlinecommanddefinition

Simply uncheck these entities and you are good to go!

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