New: the Scribe Online Toolbox

New: the Scribe Online Toolbox

Six years ago, I started working with Scribe and since then I use some Scribe component in almost every project I do. With Scribe Online as my no. 1 integration platform I’ve been able to take most of my integration requirements to a success.

When you work with Scribe Online a lot, you notice some features are missing. Features that don’t affect the integration itself, but that make your life as a Consultant or Developer easier. Well here is Together we should make life easier!

Let’s make a wishlist:

  • Bulk enable/disable Solutions – one of the connecting application goes into acquaintance mode. Your Solution tries to connect every 5 minutes, but since the application is down, email start to run. Would it be easy to just enable or disable a couple Solutions with one click?
  • Bulk enable/disable Maps – exactly the same as above, but now for Maps 🙂
  • Easy transfer Maps from one Solution or Org to another – most customers have separate Orgs for their dev, test, acceptance and production. It would be great to have the possibility to just transfer a Map from one Org to another without the need to download and upload the json file, modifying the name, validating etc.
  • Documentation in one click – a nice presented Word file with your block-structure and mappings in place? (ps. I know about the Google Docs tool, but let’s face it… it’s Google Docs….)

I’m sure you can think of more tools we might need ;-). For now, I started with the first one and will continue to work on the other tools. Please let me know if you have any ideas or what you think of the Scribe Online Toolbox :-).

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