Validate your IBAN bank numbers

Validate your IBAN bank numbers

During multiple implementations of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement or Dynamics 365 Business Central, we get the question weather it’s possible to validate the entered IBAN bank account numbers and generate the BIC / Swift code. Especially when companies use Direct Debit as a payment method, you want to make sure the IBAN is correct.

I’ve created a simple REST service based on Azure Functions to validate the entered IBAN bank account number and provide the name of the bank and the BIC / Swift code.

How it works

Let’s start with testing this in your browser. For now we want to check if an IBAN is valid. We can do that by combining the url below with and IBAN (for instance¬†NL63TRIO0379272687).
You’ll get back all the information you need:

    "valid": true,
    "messages": null,
    "iban": "NL63TRIO0379272687",
    "bankData": {
        "bankName": "TRIODOS BANK N.V",
        "bic": "TRIONL2U"

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