Manage your service calendar resources in Dynamics 365 CE

Manage your service calendar resources in Dynamics 365 CE

I know we shouldn’t use the good-old Dynamics CRM Service Calendar anymore. But let’s be honest: it still works for a lot of companies! I have multiple customers still using the old service calendar. Wanting to move to Universal Resource Scheduling, but waiting for some extra features to come.

With the use of the service calendar, I always find it annoying that all users will be on there. Most of the time you just need the users that need planning and not all (especially not your service users or administrative users). So I tried to figure out if there is a way to get rid of some users on the service calendar.

So the data model works as this: the service calendar shows both users and equipment. To show both of these in one view, MS created an extra entity: resources. When a user or an equipment record is created in the system, an equivalent record is created in the resources entity. The status of the user or equipment record is being copied to the resource record. When the user gets disabled, the equivalent resource record will be disabled as well. The same goes for equipment records.

But what if you have a user that you need to be enabled, but you don’t want it on the service calendar? This could be for service users of administrative users, but maybe also ‘normal’ users. Unfortunately there is no way to disable/inactivate the resource record via the user interface. The only way is to do it via the API. You can do this grammatically or you could use Flow or a tool like Scribe to do this.


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