Check if all required fields are populated

Check if all required fields are populated

In my previous post Workaround for double update on statecode change via WebAPI, I use a custom Action to make a status change. However, when this is done the status of the records gets changed regardless of the required fields that might not be populated by the user. So in this case, we need to check if all the reuired fields have been populated before we call the custom Action.

First, we need to have a function that checks if all required fields are populated. After the check, I want the function to return “true” when all required fields are populated and “false” if otherwise. This is the function:

function allRequiredFieldPolutated() {
    var populated = true;
    Xrm.Page.getAttribute(function (attribute, index) {
        if (attribute.getRequiredLevel() == "required") {
            if (attribute.getValue() === null) {
                populated = false;
    return populated;

Now this function can be used in other functions, such as the function that has been used in my previous post, to check if the status can be changed.

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