Cannot track e-mail to custom entities

Cannot track e-mail to custom entities

With the use of the new Dynamics 365 for Outlook-App, we finally have a proper-working Outlook integration. However, I ran into a problem at one of my customers that they couldn’t track e-mail to a custom entity. That is, search the proper record in the Dynamics 365 for Outlook-App. The record that I wanted to Regard the e-mail to was in the Recent Used Records section. However, when searching for it, it didn’t pop-up as you can see down here.

The solution

I found out that you need 2 settings right to make this work properly.

  1. Make sure that the custom entity you have created is “Enable for Mobile”;
  2. Enable Relevance Search and add your custom entity to Relevance Search (for more info about Relevance Search, read this article on Microsoft Technet);
    (There is a Configure Relevance Search Option, within the Dynamics Default Solution)

Now when this is done, all you need to do is publish your customizations and wait for about 15 minutes until Azure has indexed your search data. Et voila! Your entity now shows up in the search!

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  1. Quick thought on this, I am pretty sure the entity also needs to be included in your standard Dynamics 365-app for Outlook-App at the moment in order to show up when you search.

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