Testing the Dynamics 365 / CRM app without device

Testing the Dynamics 365 / CRM app without device

We all have customers still working with an on-premise Dynamics CRM environment. Most of the time, these customers have IFD enabled on their Production, but not on their Development and Test orgs. This means you cannot get to test the app. Also, when using Online, you just might not have a device at hand where you can test the app properly.

Microsoft has come up with a solution for this! From now on, you can open the app just in your browser! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your CRM environment als log in as a system administrator or system customizer (let say http://your-server/org-name);
  2. In a separate tab, open this url: http://your-server/nga/main.htm?org=org-name&server=the-server-url

As an example, I can show you these two for both on-prem and Online.

  • http://crm-server/contsos > http://crm-server/nga/main.htm?org=contoso&server=http://crm-server
  • https://contoso.crm.dynamics.com > https://contoso.crm.dynamics.com/nga/main.htm?org=contoso&server=https://contoso.crm.dynamics.com

Now you open the app in your browser!

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  1. Is there a way to undo this view? After trying this I can’t get back to the normal mode. I even tried clearing cache in browser.

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