Using global OptionSets with Dynamics 365 Dialogs

Using global OptionSets with Dynamics 365 Dialogs

Today I was facing a challenge with using global OptionSets in Dynamics 365 Dialogs. One of the companies I work for has a extreme large list of Price Lists (> 250) in CRM due to different combinations of product available. In order to improve usability for their users, I created a Dialog with several questions so the users can ultimately choose from a small selection of Price Lists. However, for one of the selections I used a global OptionSet. This is where the fun starts.

The problem

This company has different prices for the same product, based on the yearly revenue of the customer. They call this the company size and define three categories: Small, Medium, Large. For this selection I created a global OptionSet field on the Price List. Next, I meant to use this global OptionSet in the Dialog to make a selection of Price List applicable. To bad!!! Global OptionSets are not available in Dialogs. 🙁

The resolution

Now for the resolution I ‘recreated’ the OptionSet field in the Dialog, as you can see in this image. Make sure the Label from the options are the same as the global OptionSet labels. What you use for the Value is not important.

OptionSet in Dynamics 365 Dialogs

The next step would be to create a query. This is still correct, but instead of an equal-statement, you use a contains-statement. That way it Dynamics 365 compares the Labels and the selection is made.

One disadvantage

When the global OptionSet changes, you need to change the OptionSet in the Dialog as well…

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