Iconing in Dynamics CRM

Iconing in Dynamics CRM

Using Dynamics CRM, I create new entities with every project. But how to create the right icons for my newly created enties?

For iconing, I use a freeware tool called Metro Studio. It’s easy to use and provides you a wide range of icons and possibilities to change the occurrence of the icons you need. In order to download it, you’ll have to register before you can download it, but I’ve never had an email from them. So it’s safe to leave your email :-).

If you create a new entity, you need two sizes of the icon: one 16 x 16 pixels (will be showed with lookups) and one 32 x 32 pixels (for the menu bar). In this case, I need an icon for my newly created ‘Country’ entity. First, I search Metro Studio for ‘globe’ and I’m able to choose from a wide variety of globes. Second, when editing this icon I want the icons to look like the style of CRM itself. Therefor, I have some default settings for both icons.

16 x 16 pixels

For the small version of the icon, used in lookups, I have these settings:


  • With 16 pixels
  • Padding 0 pixels
  • Background Shapes, the most right one as you want your icon to have no background
  • Icon Color #FF656565 (the default CRM icon color)


32 x 32 pixels

For the larger version of the icon, used in the menu bar, I have some other settings:


  • With 32 pixels
  • Padding 3 pixels. CRM menu icons are all using 3 pixels padding
  • Background Shapes, again the most right one for the same reason as above
  • Icon Color #FFFFFFFF (white, as the default CRM menu icons)


If you want to know more about customizing the menu bar, read my post about customizing the menu bar 🙂

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